Refund Policy

Last updated January 27, 2023

Refunds are only given in the event the Service becomes unavailable for a period of 3 days or longer. The issue must be caused by us and not the Seller. For example, if you are typing in your username wrong and you can’t get in for a week, that isn’t grounds for a refund. If the issue is on our end, as in is offline for 2 or more days, we will honor a refund request.

There is no VIP Seller trial period. By registering a free account, Sellers can create shops and tour the entire platform for free. There are no hidden fees and no sleazy upsells. Please do not assume there is something extra than we advertise. If you have any questions about what a VIP Seller account includes, contact support prior to purchase and we are happy to answer any questions. Please be 100% sure you want the VIP features before signing up. You can cancel your VIP Seller membership account at any time. When your premium service expires, your account will return to the free Seller account, that you can continue to use.

If a refund is requested, the Seller must be in good standing at that time. If we suspend your account for misuse of the server or non-compliance with the Terms of Use, we will not issue a refund for the remaining period.

By signing up as a VIP Seller you agree to these terms and the Terms of Use. You can cancel your account and prevent future charges at any time.