5 Pros of Starting your Own Panty Business

Aside from the high market demand, here are 5 of the top reasons to start your own Panty Business

5. It’s a great side hustle

You can make pretty good money selling your used panties. Making even just an extra few hundred dollars a month can really boost your finances. A side gig panty business can easily cover some bills, give you money to grub hub, cash for new clothes or shoes, massages, mani-pedi’s (or even sometimes buyers will buy them for you). It can make the difference between just getting by and thriving.

4. You can explore your sexuality

People want to buy your used underwear, clothing, feet pics, etc., no matter who you are or what you look like. Buyers love sellers of all shapes, sizes and kinks. It’s easy to feel sexually desired and you will feel your sexual energy grow. This boost in confidence and sexual energy will show in your personal relationships too. When you’re chatting with potential buyers, you can flirt with them or engage in sexual banter. It’s easy to fulfill your favorite kink or explore new ones, all while making money in the process. There are plenty of buyers out there who want to be on the receiving end of this.

3. You can sell more than panties

There are a lot of kinks out there and you can find countless ways to monetize them. You can get ideas by accepting requests or just by exploring your own interests. There is a market for used sex toys, feet pics, food on body parts, fun with furries, the list goes on and on. Its super easy to grow your audience by expanding your offerings. If you can think of it, there is someone into it and willing to pay you for a taste of it.

2. It’s pretty easy

A lot of side hustles require hard skills, time and dedication. While certain skills can help you promote and grow your panty business, it’s possible to make money selling panties (and other kink-related services) without dedicating every waking moment of your life. In fact, you can make money with very little effort at all. You simply wear the underwear, upload a picture of them and then send them away when someone buys them. At Panty Raid, you don’t need existing fans to make money. Although you will certainly make connections and gain followers along the way. 

1. It's fun

There are a lot of pros to owning your own business and a kink business can be especially enjoyable. You get to chat with interesting new people. You gain access to new experiences. You earn extra cash and you get to live an elevated lifestyle.


Washing delicates is a pain in the ass. So why wash them when you can just sell them?

If any of this resonates with you, you might be ready to start a panty business of your own.

It’s easy to get started. Just register here, and then sit back and relax in your panties!